Shoe sizes, are all European(EU) sizes equal?

2. EU sizes are the same across Europe, aren't they?

This is a tricky one, it seems that most manufacturers prefer to just have EU as a unit of scale and not list France, Germany, Italy, etc.. separately, this of course is probably a good thing. However this leaves us little data to draw conclusions from, though one obvious conclusion is that most manufacturers see only one size across Europe. Given that few shoe manufacturers actually put foot length in their size guides and we're already short of data here I've decided to use relative references for the EU sizes, in the following graphs I'm using the UK and US shoe sizes as reference points. Although this means we wont be able to see what physical size difference there may be in say between Italian and French shoe sizes it does give us a non-EU reference point.

  • Men's - EU Countries vs UK shoes size comparison.
  • Women's - EU Countries vs UK shoes size comparison.
  • Men's - EU Countries vs US shoes size comparison.
  • Women's - EU Countries vs US shoes size comparison.

So we have ended up with 4 graphs, the first two show UK sizes on the Y-axis against EU sizes on the X-axis, the second pair are in the same format but show the mapping to US sizes. Starting with the first (UK sizes vs EU for men) we can see for this and all the other charts it's overwhelmingly Red (EU sizes), in fact around 79% of the coloured discs are representing EU sizes, there are four other colours which cover the remaining 21% but quite hard to see (I think I'll need to cook up a better graph to show these), the upshot though is that there simply isn't enough country specific data to draw many conclusions. There's one solid pattern though regarding Italian vs French sizing..

It looks like there may be some variance with the Italian size vs the rest of Europe who are broadly the same. The data is inconclusive but it seems that for the little Italian data we have it always sits lower in the graph - mostly they are the same but where the rest of Europe takes the middle and one size up ground, the Italian sizes always occupy the middle or one size down space e.g. for the same physical shoe size it will be labelled one size lower in Italian. This may be a feature of the small number of samples I have so far or maybe there's something in this, I'll keep this in mind gonig forwards.